Assurance Level 4

Validation of full functionality

In addition to the Level 3 tasks, Chattan deploys the compiled executable in the Beneficiary Test Environment to confirm the Escrow Package replicates the live version of the software.

Software Owner

The Software Owner must provide ongoing input and support in order to facilitate the successful completion of the user acceptance tests by the Beneficiary.


The objective of this level of assurance is to test whether the Escrow Package can be extracted, compiled, installed in the Beneficiary's Test Environment and appropriate user acceptance testing by the Beneficiary can be successfully completed. Chattan will undertake the tasks under level 3 and deploy the compiled executable in the Beneficiary's Test Environment.


The Beneficiary will provide an appropriate test environment for the validation project; agree acceptance criteria (test plans and conditions) with Chattan; provide applicable data, transactions, configurations, and user profiles; load all user acceptance data, profiles, configurations, data transactions and other considerations as per the documentation; and provide resources to undertake the UAT. Such resources will execute the agreed acceptance test plans and conditions.

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